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Meet Rebecca


Rebecca grew up around and worked with horses throughout her life. She has lots of experience both riding and showing horses which has given her a deep understanding and connection with these magnificent animals.  After retiring from her career as a veterinary technician, Rebecca chose to combine her passion for working with horses and helping people empower themselves and become stronger individuals. Equine assisted learning was the perfect fit. In her leisure time, Rebecca loves spending time with her horses out trail riding or horse showing when the occasion is available. An avid outdoors woman, she can be found outdoors, no matter the weather or season.


Facilitator Certification


Why is certification important?
The Equine Assisted Learning Building Blocks curriculum is a governed facilitator training program of Equine Connection International. To verify and guarantee the validity and integrity of the program; certificates are awarded to individuals who have successfully completed extensive, in-depth facilitator training.

Certification confirms that the facilitator has received training which has been delivered to the facilitator in the correct format, so as to deliver irrefutable results.

If you are interested in becoming certified facilitator, please contact Equine Connection Academy of the Equine Assisted Learning Certification course.


How Free Rein Ranch came to be...

After retiring from my 30 year career as a veterinary technician, I was looking for a much needed lifestyle change. Two key elements of the lifestyle and work I wanted to create were my passion and gifts for helping people and working with horses.  In my quest, I happened to stumble upon a training company in Strathmore, Alberta called Equine Connection International. It was a perfect fit! I signed up and went out to Strathmore and successfully completed my Facilitator Certification.  What a life-changing experience! The Equine Assisted Learning Building Blocks curriculum was much bigger than I ever could have imagined. With my passion, certification, tools and peer support, I started and now successfully operate Free Rein Ranch in Grand Forks, BC. I have never been involved with something that produced irrefutable results every time!  It’s all about the horses not about me!
The horses are the teacher! Imagine: Horses Empowering Humans!

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